Software Testing and Quality Control

Offshore Software Testing and Quality Control Services

We understand the importance of software testing and Quality Control (QC) for ensuring your software performs well. Thus, as part of our offshore software testing services, we evaluate bugs, defects, and weaknesses affecting the software’s quality. We aim to ensure your software is of the highest quality, so you can deliver a great product.

We use the best software testing techniques to deliver technical solutions that have enhanced many businesses’ growth. We can ensure the success of your application with our software testing and quality control expertise. We streamline your software testing and quality control process, so you can spot and fix issues before they cause problems.

Why Software

Testing is Important

Software testing is important as it enables the identification and resolution of errors, enhances software quality, boosts customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and ensures system reliability and stability.

Whether you use Agile or traditional methods, we consider quality the foundation of every project. Therefore, we recommend incorporating testing into the development process from the very beginning to reduce errors and misunderstandings risk.

As an offshore software development company, we believe that software development excellence requires a comprehensive approach to testing. We consider testing more than just a role in a project; it’s an entire workforce dedicated to delivering high-quality software.

We can operate as an independent testing team to focus exclusively on software testing and quality control. Alternatively, we can work with your software development team to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Software Testing & QC Services

We ensure that your web and mobile apps are bug-free and provide seamless user experiences. We offer offshore testing services depending on project needs and development stages.

Our Quality

Control Approach

We believe a robust Quality Control (QC) approach is essential for delivering high-quality software solutions. Our QC process is integrated into every phase of the software development lifecycle. Our QC team uses industry-standard testing methodologies and tools to ensure you get the best results. Our QC approach includes the following key steps:

Requirement Analysis

We work closely with your business to gather detailed requirements for your software application

Test Planning

Our QC team creates a comprehensive test plan that outlines all the testing scenarios and tools needed.

Test Design

Our QC team identify how testing should be done.

Test Execution

We run manual and automated tests to identify any bugs or issues in the software.


We provide detailed reports that identify and help you resolve any issues.


Once the identified issues are solved, our team retests the software application to ensure it meets the quality standards.

Our rigorous approach to QC testing makes us a reliable offshore QC testing company. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our services.