Offshore Centre Management

Mature & Seamless Offshore Centre Management

Welcome to Genovity ! We recognize the significant challenge software and technology companies face when establishing offshore development centers that seamlessly integrate with their existing operations. For maximum stability, employee retention, and streamlined daily operations, these centers should function as natural extensions of the main development centers.

We at Genovity understand this strategic requirement and have built a robust structure and efficient processes to achieve seamless integration. We aim to offer software and technology companies an offshore development center that works seamlessly with their core operations.

Our dedicated Client Engagement team plays a vital role in maintaining an ongoing relationship with the client’s executive management. That way, we’re sure we’re aligning our development center’s efforts with their goals and objectives. We strive to exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional results while fostering a strong partnership.

Companies seek innovative ways to maintain their competitive edge in today’s competitive market. Companies can leverage global talent, reduce costs, and achieve strategic goals using our offshore center management approach.

As industry veterans, we understand the unique challenges associated with offshore outsourcing. Transform your offshore operations, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth with our tailored solutions.

Find out how our center management model can help you unlock the potential of your offshore capabilities.

Strategic HR

Strategic HR is paramount in offshore center management. We understand its importance and seamlessly integrate it into our services. Our tailored approach to talent acquisition, retention, and development aligns with our client’s overall business objectives.

Our employee engagement initiatives and meticulous recruitment processes help us attract and retain top talent. We provide offshore teams with training programs and skill enhancement opportunities. Through nurturing their growth, we enable them to excel in their roles and contribute to our client’s success.

Our HR strategies align closely with client’s goals, values, and cultures, ensuring seamless offshore integration. We foster collaboration and growth through our HR practices, like performance management and employee recognition.

Matrix Reporting

The matrix reporting system is an integral part of offshore center management. It improves team communication and collaboration so decision-making and resource utilization are better.

Employees in matrix reporting have dual reporting relationships: one with their functional manager and one with their project or team manager. It enables seamless coordination between multiple teams and departments within the offshore center and fosters cross-functional collaboration. A matrix reporting framework allows teams to access a broader pool of expertise, leading to better problem-solving.

We use advanced tools and technologies to facilitate effective matrix reporting. Our collaborative platforms, project management software, and communication tools enable real-time information exchange and seamless collaboration. With these technologies, teams can work together seamlessly, regardless of location.

Technical Support

The expertise and capabilities of our technical support team are among our greatest assets. Our comprehensive range of technical support services is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients in offshore center management.

Our technical support specialists provide your offshore software development team with on-going support throughout the development lifecycle, starting from understanding the task, estimating effort, validating technical options, resolving issues and addressing technical challenges and complexities.

Our technical support team has deep knowledge and experience in various platforms and technologies. With our technical support services, we ensure successful and timely delivery of your tasks and smooth offshore operations with high quality and minimum rework.

Client Relationship Management

We know how client relationships are essential in offshore center management. To ensure mutual success, we prioritize building and maintaining strong partnerships.

Our client relationship management is built on communication, transparency, and responsiveness. We established clear communication channels for regular updates, progress reports, and collaborative discussions. We believe in proactive engagement, actively seeking and incorporating client feedback to drive continuous service improvement.

We use customer satisfaction metrics and feedback mechanisms to measure client satisfaction. With these metrics, we can evaluate the effectiveness of our solutions and fix any problems immediately.