Saves cost & time of migration

D2K2ANG is an automated tool that replaces the development effort required to migrate your legacy Oracle Developer applications to a state-of-the-art open technology platform. D2K2ANG enables faster-time-to-market, and dramatic cost reduction compared to traditional migration methods. With D2K2ANG you can preserve your software investment and extend the life and revenue of your software products.

Runs on any application server, and many Databases

Runs on any application server, and many Databases

By migrating to STAR/Angular Framework, your application becomes a scalable web application with enormous flexibility to run on any Application Server or any Database of your choice. Also, your applications can integrate with any 3rd party application that supports REST API.
Development & Testing

Continue development using Angular and Visual Code

By moving to Angular Framework, you are able to maintain and enhance your application using Angular framework and Visual code development tool. Angular is the leading web development framework for Enterprise applications providing modular structure, code consistency, easy testing, and reusability.
Empowered by CRUD and Rule libraries

Empowered by CRUD and Rule libraries

With D2K2ANG you will be able to save significant number of development hours. You can automatically create all major CRUD functions for relational databases using STAR CRUD libraries. These functions can be customized if required. You can also build your own workflow with STAR RULE libraries.

How it works



each block to Angular HTML and JavaScript component whether Grid or Form maintaining the layout


Then it recognizes the layout and generates the component for that layout


generates the code that links those components as master detail
In this trial, Tables are automatically created also.


currently support the following layouts: Form – Grid – Form/Grid Master detail – Form Master & 2 Grid Detail – Grid Master & Grid Detail Tab pages are recognized and created containing the layouts, where components are linked using Notification service.
The PL/SQL code for each block will be created as a function inside each component for conversion. Also Form level procedures.


has a library that provides similar functionality of Oracle developer/2000 for Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete (CRUD).
Framework supports transaction commit and rollback spanning multiple components.
It maintains Oracle Forms trigger architecture, and supports FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE concept.
A toolbar provides those functionalities in addition to print screen, export to PDF or Excel for a Grid.