Genovity Star-Suite Products

Genovity offers the Genovity Star-Suite, a comprehensive platform that combines state-of-the-art applications and services to help businesses grow. Our suite of products combines innovation, functionality, and flexibility to empower organizations across various industries.

We at Genovity offer star suite products to optimize customer relationships, ensure compliance with secure onboarding, automate provisioning, manage complex data flows, streamline work orders, and analyze customer journeys.

In addition to advanced technology, Genovity Star-Suite products have intuitive interfaces and robust features that give your customers exceptional experiences. We offer scalable, adaptable, and customizable solutions for your unique business requirements.

Unleash the potential of Genovity Star-Suite Products and grow, innovate, and optimize your organization. Explore how our products can revolutionize your business below.


We at Genovity developed Star-CRM, a powerful customer relationship management

program. It helps businesses manage and nurture customer relationships, streamline sales processes, and grow their business. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, star-CRM allows companies to improve customer engagement and drive sales success.

Key features of Star-CRM include:

Contact Management

Easily store and manage customer information, including contact details, communication history, and preferences. It allows for a centralized and organized approach to customer data management.

Customer Service

Provide exceptional customer support by efficiently managing support tickets, tracking customer inquiries, and resolving issues promptly. CRM helps businesses deliver timely, personalized service, which improves customer satisfaction.

Reporting and Analytics

You can use robust analytics to track sales, customer behavior, and marketing effectiveness. Businesses can make data-driven decisions with Star-CRM's customizable dashboards, sales forecasts, and data visualizations.

Integration Capabilities

Star-CRM integrates with other essential business tools, such as email clients, calendar applications, and collaboration platforms, to ensure seamless data synchronization and workflow optimization.

Customization Options

Depending on your business requirements, workflows and automation can be customized. This flexibility allows businesses to customize the software to fit their processes and requirements.

Ultimately, Star-CRM enables businesses to manage customer relationships, optimize sales efforts, and deliver exceptional customer service. Its comprehensive features, automation capabilities, and integration options make Star-CRM a valuable business tool.


Genovity developed Star-eKYC, a cutting-edge electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) solution. It allows businesses to verify and authenticate the identity of their customers digitally quickly and seamlessly. Star-eKYC streamlines onboarding processes, enhances security, and ensures regulatory compliance using advanced technologies and intelligent algorithms.

Key features of Star-eKYC include:

Digital Identity Verification

Star-eKYC enables businesses to verify the identity of customers remotely through digital channels. Utilizing facial recognition, document scanning, and data extraction, it authenticates identity documents and matches them with user biometrics

Seamless Onboarding Experience

With Star-eKYC, businesses can offer a frictionless onboarding experience to their customers. With no in-person visits or manual document submissions, the process goes faster, more accessible, and more convenient

Compliance and Security

The Star-eKYC system combines industry-standard security measures to help businesses comply with applicable regulations and guidelines. It ensures the privacy and protection of sensitive customer data throughout the verification process

Efficient Document Processing

It automates document processing by extracting important information from identity documents, such as passports or driver's licenses. It reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and speeds up the verification process

Real-Time Verification

Star-eKYC's real-time verification results allow businesses to make prompt decisions during onboarding. It ensures quick turnaround times and improves operational efficiency

Integration Capabilities

Star-eKYC can integrate with existing systems and workflows, making it easy to incorporate into existing customer onboarding processes. This seamless integration enhances efficiency and reduces duplication

Scalability and Adaptability

Star-eKYC can handle high volumes of verification requests and can be tailored to meet the needs of any business

Star-eKYC helps businesses automate and digitize their identity verification processes for customer onboarding. Its advanced features, compliance capabilities, and integration options make Star-eKYC the perfect eKYC solution for businesses.

Star Provisioning

The Smart-Provisioning feature streamlines the process of provisioning users, enhances security, and reduces administrative burden. Automating provisioning tasks and enforcing access controls improves operational efficiency and security risk mitigation.

User Lifecycle Management

Smart-Provisioning simplifies the process of onboarding, updating, and offboarding user accounts and access rights. It provides a centralized platform for managing provisioning and de-provisioning of users.

Automation and Orchestration

The software automates provisioning tasks and workflows, eliminating manual and repetitive processes. Businesses can define rules and policies for access provisioning, ensuring consistency and accuracy

Integration Capabilities

It integrates with many systems which simplifies provisioning and ensures seamless synchronization of user data

Compliance and Auditing

Smart-Provisioning helps businesses comply with regulations and audit requirements by providing detailed logs and reports. As a result, organizations can track and monitor changes to access and keep an audit trail

Scalability and Flexibility

With Smart-Provisioning, you can scale with your organization and handle complex provisioning needs. It offers flexibility in configuring workflows and business rules to align with specific business needs

Star-eKYC helps businesses automate and digitize their identity verification processes for customer onboarding. Its advanced features, compliance capabilities, and integration options make Star-eKYC the perfect eKYC solution for businesses.


Star-Mediation is a comprehensive mediation software developed by Genovity. It facilitates the collection, processing, and analysis of telecommunications and network data from multiple sources. The Star-Mediation platform empowers telecommunications service providers to manage, optimize, and assure network revenue.

Key features of Star-Mediation include:

Telecom solution providers can use Star-Mediation to manage network operations, billing processes, and revenue assurance.


Star-WorkOrder is comprehensive work order management software developed by Genovity. Businesses can use it to streamline and automate work order processes, boosting productivity, efficiency, and service delivery. You can track and manage work requests, assign tasks, monitor progress, and ensure the timely completion of work orders with Star-WorkOrder.

Key features of Star-WorkOrder include:

Work Order Creation and Tracking

Star-WorkOrder enables businesses to create and manage work orders in a centralized system. Users can submit work requests, specify location, priority, and description, and track work orders throughout their lifecycle

Task Assignment and Dispatch

The software allows for efficient assignment and dispatch of tasks to the appropriate personnel or teams. Work orders can be automatically assigned based on predefined rules or manually assigned by supervisors. The notifications and alerts ensure that the responsible individuals are notified promptly

Resource Allocation and Scheduling

The software helps optimize resource allocation by providing insights into resource availability, skills, and workload. It helps schedule work orders based on resource availability and priorities, ensuring personnel and equipment are used efficiently

Documentation and Attachments

Users can attach relevant documents, images, or manuals to work orders, ensuring all information is readily accessible to technicians or other stakeholders. It provides context and reference materials for efficient task execution

Reporting and Analytics

The software gives insights into work order performance, service metrics, and resource utilization. Businesses can identify trends, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement with customizable reports and dashboards

Integration Capabilities

The Star-WorkOrder system integrates seamlessly with other systems, such as asset management, inventory management, or customer relationship management (CRM)

Ultimately automating workflows, facilitating collaboration, and providing real-time information, help businesses run more efficiently.